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On-Track Mobile Wagering

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Mobile Wagering is a guest-service, available to on-track patrons only
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If you are currently at Del Mar and wish to use this service:
  1. Sign up for a Diamond Club card through the Del Mar Mobile App (download here)
  2. Establish your account at the mutuels information window and set up your PIN
  3. Connect to our FREE Wi-FI DMTC_BETS, available throughout the grandstand
*NOTE: While you are connected to the DMTC_BETS WiFi, other web browsing & email activity may be slow on your device. You will need to disconnect from or disable the WiFi in order to regain full speed of your Internet connection...
Once you have connected your device to Del Mar's free DMTC_BETS mobile WiFi network...

While Del Mar is making best efforts for the mobile wagering experience, please be prepared to place your desired wagers at the betting terminal or pari-mutuel teller in the event of a service interruption.

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